The dB Technologies Opera 715 DX Monitor

dB Technologies Opera 715 DX is een gebruikbare monitor voor het spelen van muzikanten in klein venues. Het kast is behoorlijk smal en voorzien van een zwarte polypropyleek behuizing.

Loaded with a brawny 15″ woofer, this speaker packs a punch in its small frame. It can be used as a FOH system for club gigs or a personal monitor on larger stages.

700 watts RMS

The opera 715 dx is a powerful speaker with 700 watts RMS. Its asymmetrical CD horn delivers excellent dispersion and a 129 dB SPL output. This makes it a good choice for DJs and musicians who need to play in loud clubs. Its polypropylene construction is also a great feature because it can withstand rough use.

The internal DSP can process speech, playback tracks, and live music signals to ensure that the sound is always crisp and clear. It can also reduce wind noise by up to 50 dB. The DSP also synchronizes power stages and control circuits to create an intelligent and responsive protection and supervision system.

2 x 15″ woofers

The THX Ultra Certified Monolith 15” subwoofer has massive dual drivers to produce punishing deep bass output. The driver’s critical motor components include a Black Anodized Aluminum bobbin, 2 Aluminum shorting rings, an undercut T-pole focused field gap, and massive Ceramic Y35 magnets.

The sound is rich and natural, with detailed vocals and crisp instruments. It also has wide coverage and is capable of filling a large room. It is a great choice for people who enjoy listening to classical music and want to upgrade their home theater system.

1 x 10″ woofer

Featuring a 1.75″ compression driver and a 10″ woofer, this model is designed to offer the best mix of performance and versatility. It can be used as a stand-alone FOH system, satellite (with subwoofer), stage monitor or flown.

The 1.75″ compression driver features a unique vintage USA tool and pulp formula that creates a warm timbre and high-sensitivity. It has a polyether foam surround that is compliant and lightweight.

The woofer is made of polypropylene, which makes it less susceptible to scratches than other materials. It also has a built-in 35mm stand adapter, making it easy to mount on a stand.

1 x 6.5″ woofer

This 6.5″ woofer from Oaktron is engineered for high quality two-way systems. It has a carbon fiber embossed Gately Audio dustcap and a black powder-coated basket with cylindrical black motor spacers. The voice coil has dual progressive nomex spiders and is wound on a light weight copper clad aluminum wire.

The Opera 715 DX is part of dB Technologies’ 12-year success story. It uses state-of-the-art tools like 700-watt digipro G2 power amps and high-quality transducers to provide stellar audio performance. It is great for musicians and DJs who want an efficient full-range system without a subwoofer. It also serves well as a FOH speaker for club gigs and personal monitor on big stages.

1 x 6.5″ subwoofer

A 6.5″ subwoofer is an excellent addition to any sound system. It provides a nice upgrade to the operating range of your doors and adds a little more punch in the 30-80 Hz range. However, a 6.5″ will never be able to deliver the lows that a full-sized woofer can.

It is also a great choice for use in ported boxes in bedrooms or home theaters. Its asymmetrical CD horn delivers broad dispersion, so high frequencies can be projected at short distances. Its 700-watt digipro g2 power amp ensures that it will provide powerful sound.

1 x 1″ tweeter

The Opera 715 DX is an active full-range pa speaker from dB Technologies. It features a 15″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter that provides an excellent sound quality. It also offers a wide dispersion.

It has a built-in 700-watt digipro G2 power amplifier that produces a great sound. It has a frequency response of 49 to 20,000 Hz. Its high frequencies are spread widely due to an asymmetrical CD horn.

The tweeter can be used in a variety of configurations. It has an EQ switch that lets you choose the ideal balance between the bass and the highs.

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